IRA Rates

1 Apy = annual Percentage Yield. Refer to your Agreements & Disclosure booklet for terms and conditions applicable to specific accounts.

2 $1,000 minimum balances required. No additional deposits accepted during certificate term. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal of certificate funds. Fees and other conditions may reduce earnings.

3 If rates go up, you can request a one-time rate adjustment to the higher prevailing APY during the original term of your certificate. Bump-up rate will match the then-current 18-Month Bump-Up Share Certificate rate in effect at time bump-up option is exercised. New rate will carry forward from the date of increase and will not be retroactive. Unless you indicate otherwise, at the time of maturity the certificate will be reinvested into the 18-month Share Certificate term (without the bump-up option) at the then-current rate in effect.