Step by Step Instructions for Making a Mobile Deposit. 

To make a Mobile deposit 

1 Click on Mobile Deposit.   

Mobile Tips1 

2OR, the quick menu on the bottom right.

Mobile Menu 2 

3This will load the Mobile Deposit page.

Mobile Tips 3

4 Click 'Choose Account'.

From the menu of your accounts, choose the destination account for your deposit. Once you have chosen your destination account, please note the “Check amount limit” beneath the Amount field; this will also let you know the check hold amount of your deposit

Mobile Tips 4

5 Enter the total amount on the check to be deposited by tapping on the $0.00.   

NOTE: If the amount you entered is over the limit shown below the Amount field, the entered amount will turn red. This is to indicate that you have entered an inadmissible deposit amount. You’ll need to contact the credit union for assistance in this case. If you attempt the deposit anyway, the mobile application will stop you

Mobile Tips 5

6As indicated by the text at the bottom of the page, beneath your signature/endorsement on the back of the check, please write: “For mobile deposit only at Kinecta FCU.” If a check does not include this additional language it may be rejected.

Mobile Tips 6 

This is an example of how your check should be endorsed:

Check endorsement for mobile deposit

7 Click on the Check Front button to take a picture of the front of your check.   

This loads the camera interface. The check should be steady and aligned within the guided borders of the interface. Tap the camera icon on the right-hand side to take the picture or "Cancel" to stop.  

This is an example of a blurry photograph that should not be used.  Your photo should more closely match the guidelines.  (If you want to re-take the picture, simply tap on the thumbnail on the next screen.)

  Mobile Tips 7

8 After you take the picture, a thumbnail of it will display in the Mobile Deposit page.

Mobile Tips 8

9 Next step, click on the Check Back button to take the second picture.  
NOTE: The back of the check must be endorsed, and the signature unobstructed within the predefined area.  Again, make sure to position it according to the displayed guidelines.   This is a good example of properly aligning the check image within the guidelines. 

  Mobile Tips 9      

10 After you have taken both pictures, you will want to verify that all the information you have entered is correct. To make changes:

  • Tap on either of the image thumbnails to return to the camera and re-take that particular picture.
  • Tap on the “Amount” field to return to the keypad if the amount entered doesn’t match the amount on the check. The check processing system will detect a mismatch between the amount on the check and the amount entered in the application – and will reject the deposit attempt.

NOTE the Terms and Conditions hyperlink above the Submit button. Press on the hyperlink in order to load the Terms and Conditions specific to Mobile Deposit use. 
The data you entered for your deposit will NOT be lost by opening this link.

Click Submit to deposit your check.  

Mobile Tips 10

11 To confirm your deposit - verify the information and click Confirm.  

Mobile Tips 11

12 If the check images and deposit information pass validation, you will receive a notice of your successful deposit.   

*Please retain your check per the instructions on the screen, and login to your account periodically to ensure that your deposit has been approved.

Click on "Back to Accounts" to see all of your transactions on each account, OR "Another Deposit" to deposit another check.    

To see a list of your deposits in process - Click on "Another Deposit".   

Mobile Tips 12

13 To see a list of all deposits made to all your accounts, and their respective status, click on the "History" tab menu at the top of the main Mobile Deposit page.

Mobile Tips 13 

14 You can click on each item to see the details and the image of the check. 

Mobile Tips 14

15 To exit, click on the arrow at the top left corner of the page.  Then click on the Main Menu icon at the top left corner of the page.

Click on "Accounts" to see the summary or balance of all your accounts. Click on the destination account on your check to verify the deposit has been made successfully.  

Mobile Tips 15