Fraud Alert: Beware of the Counterfeit Check In the Mail

The Federal Trade Commission ( reports that consumers continue to lose billions of dollars each year due to counterfeit check scams, including:

  • Foreign Lottery Winnings
  • Overpayment in response to a classified ad or auction posting
  • Job opportunity – Secret Shopper

Instructions: Deposit the check, withdraw most of the money and send it via wire transfer to an unknown third party.

Have you received a check in the mail? Here are some TIPs to help you avoid becoming a victim of fraud:

  1. Know who you are dealing with
    Do online search for the company name and website, and look for reviews
  2. Know that wiring money is like sending cash
    Don’t wire money to strangers. It’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction or trace the money
  3. Don’t agree to deposits a check and wire money back
    BEWARE: You are responsible for the checks you deposit. If a check turns out to be a fake, you are responsible for paying back the financial institution
  4. Don’t play a foreign lottery – IT’S ILLEGAL
    If you must send money to collect winnings, you haven’t won anything. And if you send any money, you will lose it. You won’t get any money back
  5. If you are selling something, don’t accept a check for more than the selling price
    Resist any pressure to “act now”. If the buyers offer is good now, it should be good after the check clears

If you think you’ve been targeted by a counterfeit check scam, report it to the following agencies:

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