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Agreements and Disclosures

The purpose of this page is to disclose information, terms, conditions, and the various laws and regulations relating to Share Accounts, Truth in Savings, and Electronic Services to help you better understand your rights and obligations as a member of Kinecta Federal Credit Union.

This Agreements and Disclosures booklet is effective August 1, 2010 for Fees and Charges and February 2010 for all other terms and conditions and supersedes any conflicting terms and conditions contained in the Agreements and Disclosures booklets dated January 10, 2007; September 5, 2002; February 1, 2004 and subsequent amendments.

Throughout this disclosure booklet, the words “I,” “me,” “mine,” “my,” “us,” “they,” “their,” and “our” mean each and all of those (whether one or more persons) who are subject to the Agreement(s) as a result of signing an Account Signature Card for each respective account. The words “you,” “your,” and “yours” mean Kinecta Federal Credit Union.

Consumer Disclosures

Business Disclosures