Fingerprint Login

Login in quickly and effortlessly with a touch of your finger.

Questions on using fingerprint technology to login in to the Kinecta App? Click here for Fingerprint Login FAQs.

How to get started

Enabling use of your stored fingerprint to login to the Mobile App is simple!

  • Login to the Mobile App and click on "Settings" from the top left menu
  • Tap "Touch ID Authentication" for iOS devices or “Fingerprint authorization” for Android devices, and follow the steps outlined
  • Once Touch ID is enabled on your device, open the Kinecta Mobile App and login using your Kinecta Banking credentials to complete the fingerprint authentication setup

Fingerprint Login is available for the following devices:

  • iPhone 5S or newer using iOS8.
  • Samsung devices with Samsung Pass

Touch ID - Screenshot #1

Fingerprint Login