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You’re More Than Just a Number

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Published: September 23, 2021

Kinecta and SavvyMoney® Credit Report and Score have partnered to bring you a free credit monitoring service that allows you to pull your monthly credit report, credit score, set up credit monitoring alerts and receive personalized money saving offers. 

When you enroll in SavvyMoney® Credit Report and Score through Kinecta Online Banking you get a free, easy-to-use credit reporting service that allows you to navigate your credit history online from anywhere at any time.

Credit Score Dashboard
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With access to SavvyMoney® Credit Report and Score you will also receive these features to help you understand and improve your financial health:

  • Credit Report and Score Analysis: Easily and quickly understand all of the factors that influence your credit report and score, with detailed explanations and recommendations for improvement

  • Interactive Simulator Tool: Select various financial decisions that allow you to visualize how they might impact your score over time

  • “Soft” Credit Pull: Because this service does not entail a hard pull on your credit, it will not impact your score in any way

  • Dispute Access: Easily address a questionable mark on your credit report

  • Credit Score Graphics and Event Charts: Gain additional insights and see regular impact of your financial activity on your credit score

  • Personalized Recommendations: Review personalized product offers that may assist in lowering your monthly payments on your current or future loans and credit cards

  • Informative articles: Find tips to increase your credit score and optimize your financial health

Ready to start monitoring your credit report and credit score today?

Access the SavvyMoney® Credit Report and Score on your Account Dashboard within Online banking, then click “Show my Score”.

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To get started, log in to online banking or open the mobile app.

For frequently asked questions CLICK HERE

SavvyMoney is a third-party provider and not a subsidiary of Kinecta.