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Dear Kinecta Members,

You may have heard recent reports of hackers illegally accessing customer email information from banks, credit card issuers and retailers.   Please be assured that Kinecta does not use the services of the company involved in the recent incident.
Providing our members with outstanding service and convenience is our top priority.  We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of being vigilant with your personal information.  Email scams, spam and other attacks on email systems are on the rise. By taking certain precautions when receiving emails, you can protect yourself.

  • Don’t provide your Kinecta User ID or password in an e-mail.
  • Don’t open links or attachments from people you don’t know or trust.
  • Don’t respond to emails that require you to enter personal information directly into an email.
  • Don’t use your e-mail address as a login ID or password.
  • Don’t respond to emails that threaten to close your account if you don’t take immediate action to provide personal information.

We take your privacy very seriously and work diligently to protect your information.