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Scam Alerts

Phishing E-Mail Scam

The FSCC is aware of recent fraudulent e-mails being sent to members asking them to verify their account information, called "phishing." These e-mails are often disguised as official messages from companies which you may do business with and ask you or your members to validate and submit sensitive personal information via e-mail or a fake Web site, with the intent to steal member's identity or account access information. These Web sites often mimic the logos, colors, and language used by legitimate companies and can be very convincing.

Recently there have been two that involve credit unions partners, the most recent being NCUA and CUSC, a Shared Branching Network. The attached copy shows what a member is likely to receive. Members should never send sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, secret words, or PINs in an e-mail or click directly on links in an e-mail that requests that information, even if they recognize and trust the address.

These links can redirect you to a fake, though very real looking, Web site. Instead, always type the Web address directly into your browser's address bar.

Please be assured that CU Service Centers has not been compromised in any way and that credit union member transactions remain secure.

Again, this is a fraudulent request for information circulating today CU Service Centers will never ask a credit union member to submit sensitive information via e-mail or through a web page. If you could help us with sharing this information, we would greatly appreciate it. The Three National Shard Branching Networks are aware of these e-mails and appreciate your involvement in getting the word out to your members.

If you hear of additional incidents of phishing involving CU Service Centers, please let us know and you can also direct members to the following Web site at to report and check any other scams going on.