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Scam Alerts

Phishing Scam – Automated Messages Regarding ATM, Debit and Credit Cards

Consumers have reported receiving a recorded phone or text messages indicating their Debit or Credit Card has been frozen. The consumer is directed to contact a phone number and enter their card number and PIN at the prompted message.

This is a Phishing Scam designed to obtain your personal information for the purpose of perpetrating fraud.

Kinecta Federal Credit Union will never send messages (email, phone or text) requesting your personal information, including card numbers, passwords or PIN. If you receive this message – do not respond. Immediately contact the Credit Union at 1-800-854-9846 to report the incident.

If you believe that your information has been compromised, immediately contact the Credit Union at 1-800-854-9846 so that action can be taken to protect your account from fraudulent activity.