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Online & Mobile Banking Security

Whether you access your account by computer, tablet or smartphone, Kinecta Federal Credit Union is committed to protecting your account and keeping your information secure. However, as a user, it is imperative that you understand your role in preventing unauthorized activity on your account.

Before using the Online Banking service, be sure your computer is secure and protected from viruses and intrusions. For tips on securing your personal computer, see our page " Computer & Email Safety".

Tips to Protect Yourself—Stay Safe Online

  • Use the official application provided by Kinecta FCU to access your account through mobile banking.
  • Anytime you log into your bank accounts, be aware of the people around you. Make sure no one is "shoulder surfing" by trying to read your screen.
  • Use a protected mobile device. Be sure your phone has a digital security mechanism that would require a password to unlock and use
  •  If you are prompted, make sure your device does not auto fill. Some web browsers have an auto fill function that remembers your username and password and pre-fills these fields for you the next time you login.
  • Never provide account information or personal details requested by an email or pop up. Also beware of apps that claim to organize your passwords. These may be phishing scams designed to steal your information and send it to fraudsters.
  • Before downloading various apps, check the permissible usage lists. Be sure you are not granting the application permission beyond what is reasonable. Do a little research before you download that game to make sure the app developer has a good reputation.
  • Be sure to log out completely every time you finish your online banking session.
  • Never follow a banking link that has been sent to you in a text message or email. This could be a fake website designed to steal your personal information.
  • Never send your account information or password via text message or email.
  • Avoid banking while on public networks. Public connections are not very secure—most places that offer a public Wi-Fi connection warn users not to share sensitive information over the network.

Report Fraud

If you believe your Kinecta Federal Credit Union account information has been compromised, please call our Member Contact Center at 1.800.854.9846. A representative can assist you in taking the appropriate steps to protect your account.