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Six good reasons to follow Kinecta on social media

Kinecta Social Media

If you have not yet taken a moment to follow Kinecta on social media, there are several things you might consider. In addition to being a resource to help with your financial needs, Kinecta’s social media channels offer up-to-date information on timely, important, and community-related subjects.

1. Check hours of operation

Want to confirm branch hours before you leave home? Check Kinecta’s Facebook or Twitter pages for alerts about unexpected or temporary changes to our regular hours of operation.

You can also visit these sites for updates on online banking or mobile app downtimes and service restoration, or become aware of when to expect longer-than-average wait times from our Member Call Center.


2. Learn how Kinecta is responding to COVID-19

As we enter a new phase of the pandemic, federal and local COVID-19 protocols are likely to evolve to meet the changing levels of risk. Follow Kinecta on social media to stay in-the-know about our capacity limits and health/safety measures. Plus, explore the types of COVID-19 related support available for you or your business, if or when you need it.

3. Read answers to your stimulus check questions

Have questions about the third round of economic impact payments? Find answers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, from tips about your payment status to advice that could help protect you from scams.

4. See what Kinecta is up to in your local community and get involved

Team Kinecta is actively involved in giving back to the communities we serve by hosting and participating in numerous volunteer and community enrichment events throughout the year. You can find event recaps and opportunities to get involved across all of Kinecta’s social media pages on a weekly basis.

5. Access financial education tips and tools

When it comes to financial matters, there is a wide spectrum of topics to explore – financial planning, creating emergency savings, and choosing the savings account right for you -  just to name a few. You can find free financial education resources on topics like these when you follow Kinecta on social media, especially on #FinancialFridays.

6. Celebrate and inspire acts of kindness in our credit union community

A little kindness goes a long way toward making the world a better place. The #KinectaKindness program highlights Kinecta employees and members demonstrating kindness in our shared community. Join in celebrating these acts of #KinectaKindness on social media.

For all this and more, you can follow @Kinecta on your favorite social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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