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Making Your Kinecta Vehicle Loan Payments

Click on the payment options listed below for more information.

Make your payment from your current financial institution

You can also make a payment to your vehicle loan by setting up Bill Pay through your existing financial institution. To set up the payment, you’ll need the following:

  • Kinecta’s routing number: 322278073
  • Kinecta’s address: P.O. Box 91210, City of Industry, CA 91715-1210
  • Your loan account number and ID
    • This will be emailed and/or mailed to you, and, if you enrolled in Kinecta Direct Online Banking, you’ll be able to find it there.
    • If you haven't received your account number and ID please call 800.854.9846, and select Option 0 to speak with a Member Service Representative.

Allow 2-5 business days.

*Please note additional delays may occur based on your primary financial institutions processing time and how they send the check to Kinecta.

No online account needed

If you don’t want to set up your account online, but would like to set up a recurring payment, please complete the ACH Authorization Form. Once processed, Kinecta will establish a recurring payment on your behalf from the designated financial institution of your choice.
The form can be emailed to or faxed to 310.727.8225. Please allow 15 days from receipt of the form for processing.

Access your account online

To access your account online and set up a one-time or recurring payment for your vehicle loan, you’ll need to enroll in Kinecta Direct Online Banking. Have additional questions about Kinecta Direct Online Banking? Click here.

To use Kinecta Direct, please click here and follow the instructions provided.

For security purposes, the User ID must be 8-26 characters (both alpha and numeric) in length, and the password must be 8-26 characters in length and requires a combination of 3 of the 4 following items:

  • Upper case
  • Lower case
  • Number
  • Symbols [‘! # $ % ^ & ( ) _ + - = \ |; ?,/]

To maintain security of your Kinecta account, please do not set your browser to pre-fill your User ID or Password.

Once enrolled in Kinecta Direct Online Banking, you’ll need to set up the external account you’d like to make a payment from. Make sure you have the routing number and your account number for setup. To set up a transfer from an external financial institution, please follow these steps:

1. In Kinecta Direct, click on the “Transfers” tab

2. Select “Manage External Accounts” (from the left-hand navigation area)

3. Under the heading, add a New External Account; click the link “Add an account at another financial institution that is not listed above”

4. Answer the security questions

5. Follow the instructions provided

In approximately 2-3 business days, two small amounts (two credits and two debits under $1.00) will be made to your external account. To complete the setup of your external account, return to the “Manage External Accounts” page and verify the amount of the deposits (credits). If the amounts are entered correctly, the link will be shown as “Active” and you may begin transferring funds from your external account.

Online payments to your auto loan will be applied to the loan account once the payment is received.

Allow 7-10 business days for the first payment.

Rush your payment

Speedpay, an ACI Worldwide company

If you need to make a quick payment, and cannot complete a transfer online, or are unable to stop by a branch, please call 800.854.9846, and select Option 0 to speak with a Member Service Representative. You’ll be able to request a payment through Speedpay. A $10 charge will apply. Allow up to 1 business day for the payment to complete. We’ll ask you some security questions for your protection.

If using your ATM debit card to make the payment, please pay by 2:00 p.m. PST for same day payment. Any payment after 2:00 p.m. PST will post the next business day. If using your checking account information, please make the payment by 6:00 p.m. PST to post the same day. Anything after 6:00 p.m. PST will post the next business day.

Click here for Member Contact Center hours.